Pru studied at St Martin's College of Art and gained her degree in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Art. Pru's great grandfather, Sir Arthur Cope, was personal artist to Queen Victoria - so artistic talent clearly runs in the family!


From 1968 to 1975, Pru worked as a self-employed Textiles and Graphic Designer, working on high-profile, popular items and commissions such as CHUM Labels and Bespoke Tea Towel Designs (which were sold to Macy's Department Store in New York), and various textiles designs which ended up in Liberty's (London).


In 1976, having decided she'd had enough of talking to clients through the ever-present yet somehow always invisable 'middle man', Pru became a professional and independent mural and trompe l'oeil artist - taking on commissions for many great murals (both corporate and private work contracts). Her murals range from personal treasures and messages, to 18th century windows and nasturtiums.


Pru uses both oils, oil glazes and acrylics in her work - and each piece is carefully varnished for added protection.

Each commission is carefuly and extensively discussed with the client, to ensure maximum vesatility and transparency of the Mural's progress. Pru has huge enthusiasm for her work, and especially loves creating illusions out of reality.


Pru began teaching children with learning difficulties before moving to Brixham, where she rediscovered her love for painting.

She now paints a wide variety of scenes including harbour views, scenes of the countryside, sailing trawlers and window viewpoint snapshots.


All of Pru's collection are limited edition, or available as smaller open-prints (this being the cheaper option). All paintings can be bought mounted or unmounted, framed or unframed. Commissions welcome.





Pru Preston: The Artist.